As a construction and final clean company, the expectation is that the cleaning work suits the needs of the project.  However, what differentiates Coda Clean and would drive me to use them again in the future is their customer service.  Their customer service is always top notch, but it really shines in the tough moments – accelerated schedules, emergencies, unexpected site tours – those are the times when quick responses are needed, and Coda Clean does what is needed to make sure that the building shines too.

Nicole Little Turner Construction

Experience. Professionalism. Results.

As one of the region’s largest and oldest commercial cleaning specialists, Coda Clean delivers a mix of knowledge, dedication, and experience that ensures your facility or project supports your organization’s most critical objectives. When we Make it Coda Clean, we are providing a higher level of clean, along with industry-leading customer service and unmatched professionalism.

Estimates Built on Decades of Experience

Decades of combined experience allow the management team at Coda Clean to quickly develop a deep understanding of the needs of your facility. This understanding leads to effective and comprehensive plans and highly accurate estimates. Estimates that we stand behind, with no hidden fees and no surprises.

A Focus on Your Success

Our name reflects the role we play in making your business shine. A coda is an important section at the end of a song that ties the composition together, and its planning and performance are critical to the song’s success. In the same way, the work we do at Coda Clean is critical to the success of our clients.